The Best Colleges Based On Salary Potential

When shelling out money for college tuition, parents want to know they're spending their money wisely. Just because your kid gets a college degree, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will help them financially in the long run, but certain schools do have a better track record than others. 

Wel,l PayScale analyzed salaries of graduates from thousands of colleges and universities across the U.S. and has now come out with a list of the Best Schools Based on Salary Potential, with the top schools having graduates with highest mid-career pay. Interestingly, the list makes a case for not investing in an Ivy League college.

Topping the list is Harvey Mudd College, a STEM-focused college based in Claremont, California, whose graduates go on to earn a mid-career salary of $158,200. As for Ivy League schools, there are none in the Top Five, with Harvard being the highest ranking, landing at six.

Top Ten Schools Based on Salary Potential

(mid-career salary)

  1. Harvey Mudd College ($158,200)
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ($155,200)
  3. Samuel Merritt University ($156,100)
  4. U.S. Naval Academy ($152,800)
  5. California Institute of Technology ($151,600)
  6. Harvard University ($146,800)
  7. Stanford University ($145,200)
  8. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science ($144,800)
  9. U.S. Military Academy ($144,000)
  10. Webb Institute ($141,800)

Source:CBS News

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