Folks Are Sharing The Dumbest Things They’ve Ever Done

While we may not all be geniuses, most of us probably think we are pretty smart, but even smart people can do dumb things. When that happens, most folks are probably hoping nobody witnessed their dumb move, but some people are actually sharing the idiot things they’ve done, and they’re pretty hilarious.

The confessions started after someone on Reddit asked, “Normally smart people of Reddit, what is the dumbest thing you've ever done?” And apparently a lot of people had dumb things to share.

The dumbest things people have done include:

  • "I once searched high and low — all over my house for like 25 minutes — for a certain pair of shorts that I just could NOT find...because I had them on."
  • "I took the bus home, it was a 45 minute ride. When I got home, I thought my car was stolen for a second until I realized I had, in fact, driven to work. The sad thing is that I've done this more than once."
  • "I once tried to take a screenshot of a crack on my phone screen."
  • I once spent almost an hour searching my house for my phone....while on the phone with my Mom. She heard me getting frustrated and throwing things around, so she asked what was wrong. I replied, ‘I can't find my phone anywhere! I have been looking for it the whole time I have been talking to you ...oh, sh*t.’"
  • "I once put a cup of water in the microwave, but the cup was too, I poured some water out and tried to put the cup back in thinking it would fit."
  • "A girl in my class had a cool shirt on that had a bunch of little watermelon slices on it. My stupid brain decided to compliment her on the shirt by saying, 'Nice melons.'"
  • “I poured myself chocolate milk, put it upstairs, immediately forgot I put it upstairs when I went back downstairs, looked for the chocolate milk to no avail, assumed it was sucked into the void, grabbed water, walked back upstairs...found my chocolate milk."
  • "I was heating up a pan to make ground beef. The oil I dumped in started smoking, so I grabbed a paper towel to wipe it out. Turns out that hot, smoking oil is STILL hot when it soaks through paper towel."


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