Six Reasons Why Divorce Rates Spike In August

While summer is a great time for a lot of people, apparently it isn’t always the best for some couples, because research shows divorce rates tend to spike at the end of August.

So, why are so many people pulling the plug on their marriage once the summer ends? Well according to experts there are six main reasons people call it quits in August.

Reasons include:

  • Couples think summer break will fix marriage, but it doesn’t– For some, summer feels like a fresh restart after the cold winter, and they believe it’s a chance to rekindle their romance, but they’re often left disappointed, and their problems remain once summer’s over.
  • There’s added emphasis on summer bonding– The everyday routine during the year can often mask problems in a marriage, but with kids out of school for summer that changes and they spend more time together as a family, which can reveal marital issues.
  • Empty Nest Syndrome– Lots of kids go off to college in August leaving parents alone with an empty nest, which can often lead some to reevaluate their marriage, and their life.
  • They want one last summer memory– Divorcing parents tend to wait until school is over to break the news to kids, but then decide to wait until after summer due to family vacation plans, leaving the kids with one final happy memory as a complete family.
  • August gives kids time to adjust before the holidays– The holidays are a tough time for divorced kids, so by splitting in August they’re giving kids plenty of time to adjust to their new family situation.
  • People are more likely to meet someone new in summer– Infidelity is one of the biggest reasons people get divorced, and its seems summer is the best time for a person to meet someone new, leading to cheating in a relationship.


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