Surgeons Temporarily Attached Man's Hand To His Groin

Imagine having your hand cut off and being told by doctors that they aren't sure if they could actually save the hand. Now imagine waking up and finding out that the doctors had attached your hand to your groin. That's what happened to a carpenter after an electric saw accident left him without his hand and some fingers.

Anthony Lelliott severed his hand with an electric saw, leaving it dangling from slivers of skin and bone. A team of four surgeons at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, England performed numerous operations, spending around 17 hours in total operating on his hand in an effort to salvage what they could.

Part of the process required attaching what was left of his hand to his groin in order to grow more skin for it. “Eventually the skin from his groin grew new roots to where it had been transferred to his hand and we were able to cut his hand free,” according to doctors. 

Three months after the accident, Mr. Lelliott has already regained some movement in his hand, with the assistance of the hospital’s hand therapy team. The only complication was that he ended up losing his middle finger.

While things remained a challenge, Anthony said he was grateful he still had a hand.

Source: Independent

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