Colorado Couple Fights Bear With Bare Hands

A Colorado couple was not about to let an intruder push them around even if that intruder was a giant bear. The couple somehow managed to survive a violent "boxing match" with the bear inside their home. Jon Johnson and his wife George Ann Fields came face-to-face with a mama bear and her two cubs and they knew it was on from that point. Jon heard a noise and came up from the basement and saw the bear looking right at him when he turned the corner. There really wasn't anywhere to run so he had to stand and fight the bear who clawed him 71 times as he continued to spar with her. His wife grabbed a Louisville Slugger bat to help fend off the animal and save her husband. In total, it took approximately two minutes for the couple to drive the mother bear and cub out of their home. They called the authorities who eventually tracked down the bear and euthanized her. They are still hoping to find the baby cubs and take them to a shelter. The bears are active this time of year and are most likely looking for food. 

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