Just How Much We're Socializing

While some of us would rather just go home after a long day of work, and spend our weekends at home just chilling, there are plenty of people who like to go out and socialize, and some of them are doing it a lot. 

A new survey finds the average American has three events on their social calendar in a typical week, which translates to 8,640 social events over a course of a lifetime. Of course how old you are may play a role in how many times you’re going out each week, with Millennials going to 2.96 events each week, and those in Gen Z going to 2.75. Not surprising, older folks go out less, with the average Baby Boomer only socializing 1.62 nights a week.

As for the main reasons folks attend a social gathering, getting to catch up with someone they haven’t seen in a while is the main motivator (48%), followed by:

  • Spending time with people I love (44%)
  • Knowing other people that are attending (43%)
  • Connecting with others (42%)
  • If the gathering is celebrating a special occasion (i.e. birthday, engagement) (39%)

Meanwhile, the poll finds that music festivals seem to be an ideal place so socialize. Not only were they chosen the top event to attend (52%), but they are also the top place to socialize (52%) and the top event Americans consider a party. 

  • ONE MORE THING! When it comes to a party, how many people do you need for it to be one? Well, it depends on who you ask. According to the survey, for Millennials, as well as folks in Gen Z and Gen X, 10 people make a party, but Baby Boomers are a little more conservative, with only eight people considered a party.

Source:SWNS Digital

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