Horse Joined His Owner On Flight From Chicago

There is a good chance these days that when you fly, you will come across someone on the flight or at the airport that will be traveling with a service animal. For passengers and crew of one American Airlines flight, they got to fly with a service horse. 

Flirty the mini service horse had successfully joined her owner, Abrea Hensley, on an American Airlines flight departing Chicago’s O’Hare international airport last week. The horse was a big hit inside the airport as travelers had to do a double take to make sure they weren't seeing things.

“There was a small horse in line at the airport today and I’m curious about it,” Twitter user Amberley Babbage said alongside a picture of Flirty with Abrea at the AA check-in desk.

As it turns out, Flirty has her own Instagram page and posted pictures from the flight with the crew and pilots aboard the flight. 

Flirty is described by her owner as a “psych & mobility service horse”, and according to American Airlines is, in fact, a trained service animal. Abrea suffers from a variety of ailments including depression, severe anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD. 


Source: Guardian

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