Sheriff Tells Residents To Stop Their Whining About The Hurricane

The Marion County Florida Sheriff is not interested in your whining and crying. That was his message during a live streaming event in which the Sheriff had to address complaints coming in about Hurricane Dorian and school closures.

Marion County schools had announced earlier this week that they would remain closed through the week due to Hurricane Dorian. At the time of the announcement, officials just didn't want to take the chance not knowing where the hurricane was going to hit. Once the hurricane had passed the central Florida county, the phones started to ring and residents began complaining about the schools being closed for the rest of the week.

Well, on Tuesday, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said residents needed to stop "whining" about the county's decision to keep schools closed through Friday and get over it.  Sheriff Woods posted a video to Facebook Tuesday night explaining the initial decision and telling citizens to stop the complaints.

Here's his message to the citizens:


The schools did eventually reopen today. 

Source: Facebook 

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