Woman Rejects Being Turned Down For Job And It Works

A teenager in Australia was turned down for a job she applied for at a grocery store, but she felt like she was qualified and should at least get an interview. Jessica Irving didn’t take no for an answer and after ALDI rejected her with a standard response, she rejected their rejection and it ended up working in her favor.

The 18-year-old from Sydney felt she had the right skills to be a retail assistant and emailed the supermarket chain to explain. “My skills are on par with your store, with the ability to be exceptionally fast paced to scan items like every ALDI Team Member does,” Jessica wrote. She told them she was very persuasive, adding, “So persuasive in fact, that I would like to confidently reject your rejection. Thank you for letting me be a part of the team, I won’t let you down. See you on Monday for my 9-5 shift."

And her confidence paid off! The ALDI recruitment team responded by inviting her for a job interview. Jessica’s refusal to let the job she wanted get away from her helped her get her foot in the door. She may not end up getting the job, but she’s proud of her persistence that landed her the interview.


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