Most People Confident They Can Spot Fake News On Social Media

Fake news on social media is certainly a big problem these days, especially now that we are in the throws of another presidential election, but Americans are definitely aware of the issue, with most people are confident they won’t be duped.

A new survey finds that 97% of Americans believe they can spot fake news on social media, and that’s regardless of what side of the political spectrum they may be on, with 92% of liberals, 94% of moderates and 94% of conservatives all sure they can spot a fake story.

As for where fake news is most prevalent, it seems Facebook is the worst, with 70% of people saying they’ve spotted a fake story on the platform in the past month, followed by:

  • Twitter (54%)
  • YouTube (47%)
  • Reddit (43%)
  • Instagram (40%)

But even though people know there will be fake news on social media, it isn’t stopping them from using it. In fact, 53% of people say the possibility of fake news won’t stop them from going on Facebook, with only 1% of people willing to delete the site because of it.

Source:The Manifest

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