Man Sprays For Bed Bugs And Then Sets House On Fire

There should be a warning on the label of household alcohol that says lighting up a cigarette after spraying your home with this product could cause it to blow up. Of course, it's rubbing alcohol, so we should know that! An Ohio man found this out the hard way after his house was extensively damaged by a fire when he tried to light a cigarette after spraying a nightstand with alcohol to kill bedbugs. Seems the man was trying to eliminate bed bugs using isopropyl alcohol in a pump sprayer in the bedroom. When he was done spraying the room, he kicked back and went to light up a cigarette. That's when the flames started to engulf the room and the house. The flash ignition burned the homeowner who was taken to a hospital for treatment. The good news is he might have just eliminated his bed bug problem. 

Chris & Rosie

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