Follow Up: UT Has Sold Over 16,000 Shirts With Bullied Boys Design

We want to follow up on a GOOD News story we told you about (see below) recently involving that little boy who was a University of Tennessee fan who was bullied for his homemade UT t-shirt design. He loves the school, but didn’t have a shirt to wear for his school’s “College Colors Day,” so he made his own and other kids made fun of him.

But UT showed their support for the young fan by sending him a box of University of Tennessee shirts, hats, water bottles and other goodies and they even turned his DIY logo into an official design. Now the “College Colors” shirt is selling like crazy and the campus bookstore has gotten more than 16,000 pre-orders since it started selling them last week.

And even better? The university isn’t profiting from the shirts, but they’re donating money from each sale to the Stomp Out Bullying charity.


A Florida fourth-grader didn’t own any University of Tennessee clothing, but he loves the school and wanted to represent the Vols during his school’s “College Colors Day,” so he made his own shirt. Enter Laura Snyder, his teacher at Altamonte Elementary. She says he was so excited and drew a “U.T.” logo on paper and pinned it to his orange T-shirt. But after other students teased him and laughed at his homemade shirt, the little boy was devastated.

Laura wanted to try to cheer him up by buying him an official University of Tennessee shirt and asked if friends had contacts at the school who could “make it a little extra special for him.” She put her request on Facebook and U.T. fans helped her post go viral and the college sent a package full of swag and clothes for the boy.

The teacher updated the post to share how excited her student was to get the box of goodies, but the best part? University of Tennessee has turned his “U.T.” designinto an official shirt. Even better? A portion of the proceeds from the shirts will go to the STOMP Out Bullying Foundation. Laura says when she told the boy the good news, he “walked taller” and she “could tell his confidence grew.”



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