Mom-To-Be Doesn’t Want Friend’s Parenting Advice-She’s "Only" A Stepmother

Pregnant women are bound to receive tons of unwanted advice before they give birth but one mother is being criticized for the reason she doesn’t want to take advice from one of her friends. 

The mom-to-be recently wrote into Slate’s advice column to complain about the unsolicited parenting advice she’s getting from a friend. It seems the woman is taking issue with it because the friend is only a stepmother and never gave birth so she doesn’t think the friend is qualified to be dishing out any advice.

“She keeps trying to give me advice and platitudes about parenthood. Nicole has a lot of experience, but I don’t think our situations are the same,” the mom writes. “I’m getting ready to bring a baby from my body into the world, which is something she hasn’t experienced," adding, "While she stepped up to stepparent, and is doing great at it, I don’t think it is the same as being a birth mother." 

  • First off, the Slate columnist basically told her she’s in the wrong. “Having a child, however wonderful and magical that experience is, does not make you unique,” they write. “I’ve read and reread your letter so many times. I wonder whether or not you have? My advice: You’ve written this letter and gotten something off your chest. Now let the matter go.”
  • Meanwhile, many commenters also blasted the mom-to-be, with one person noting, “You are acting like a terrible friend. I'd personally explore why this bothers you so much." And another commenter added, “Some people just like to give advice,” adding, "This has nothing to do with her being a stepmom. I just listened and ignored it. If you want to keep this woman as a friend, you can do likewise."
  • The mom-to-be did have a few supporters though, with one noting, “There is a huge difference in the motherhood experience of starting from gestation and starting LONG after the baby/infant/toddler stage," adding, "This isn't about thinking she is unique its more about the fact that those two distinct experiences are unique to each other."

Source:Café Mom

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