Discontinued Snacks We Hope Make A Comeback

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as falling in love with a snack food, only to have it discontinued. It’s happened to some good snacks over the years and the Buzzfeed community says these are some of the snacks they miss the most and wish they could find in stores today.

  • 3D Doritos- One user says, “I will trade memories of my childhood for the addicting airy cheesy puffy taste of 3D Doritos in my mouth again.”
  • Carnation Breakfast Bars- Before all the other protein bars, there were these and a fan who wishes they would make a comeback says “the texture was like chocolate-covered peanut dust” and that she “would take one over a Kudos Bar any day.”
  • Crunch Tators- Frito Lay made these extra crunchy potato chips with the cowboy gator on the front.
  • Eggo WAF-FULLS- What’s not to love about a toaster waffle stuffed with strawberry filling?
  • Oreo Cakesters- They were “basically cake-y Oreos” and fans wish they weren’t discontinued.
  • PB Max Bars- If you never tried these crunchy cookies topped with peanut butter and covered in milk chocolate, you really missed out.
  • Starburst Fruit Twists- They look like Twizzlers, but came in classic Starburst flavors people loved them.
  • Wonka Peel-A-Pops- “They had weird fruit-flavored jelly on the outside and ice cream on the inside” and peeling it like a banana “made the whole thing so much more fun.”
  • Yogos- Remember these “Yogurty-covered fruity dots” from Kelloggs? Me neither, but at least one fan wants them back and says they were “freaking delicious.”


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