What Parents Look Forward To Now That Kids Are Back In School

While most of us love the summer, some parents think it does come with one downside, the fact that their kids are out of school and they have to do things with them.

Don’t believe us? Well, a new poll finds that 67% of parents think their child’s summer vacation is too long. Not only that, by the time summer’s over, 57% of parents are wishing for a kids-free weekend, with 63% saying they feel “excitement” when it’s time to go back to school and another 54% feeling relief. 

But parents don’t feel relief the minute kids go back to school. In fact, 49% say it takes two to three weeks for them to feel “normal” again. Once they do, 77% say they have more time to themselves with the kids in school, while 79% more time with their partner. 

So, what are the things parents look forward to doing most once the kids are out of their hair and back in the classroom? The top activity is watching TV and movies they can’t with their children (55%), followed by a weekend getaway with their partner (44%). Other kid-free activities they look forward to include:

  • Organize summer vacation photos (41%)
  • Create a photo book (39%)
  • Spa day (38%)
  • Catch up with friends and family (34%)
  • Exercise (33%)
  • Print summer photos/take walks outside (29%)
  • Have a sit down meal without the kids (25%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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