It's Leaf Jerky, A Vegan Beef Jerky

Plant-based proteins are becoming more and more popular and now Kellogg’s is getting into the game with it’s new vegan version of beef jerky. Sound a little sketchy? Well, at least it’s got a great name: Leaf Jerky.

Of course, not everyone will be into a vegan jerky, but the product’s creator, Amy Shouldice, says she made something even her meat-loving hubby would enjoy. It’s got 11-grams of protein and 80 calories and despite the name, you’ll be relieved to know it’s not actually made of leaves - it’s mostly soy.

You can’t get your hands on the faux-meat snack just yet, for now it’s only available at trade shows, but it’s launching in test markets later this year and reportedly will be more widely available in 2020.


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