Jon Gosselin Unloads On Ex Kate As Gag Order Is Lifted

Jon Gosselin is speaking out about his ex-wife, and what he’s saying is shocking. The former star of “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” – who until recently was under a 10-year gag order – says that Kate Gosselin is a militant mom who makes her children work to maintain her luxurious lifestyle. 

In a new interview with Daily Mail TV, Jon says, “It’s time America found out the truth about Kate. She isn’t the person you think she is.” Among his many claims…

  • Kate sent their son,Colin– who suffers from ADHD – to a special needs institution in Philadelphia when he was 11-years-old without telling him. She only visited him three times in the three years he was there, and now he suffers from PTSD. While there, the child sent Jon letters asking to be rescued and accused Kate of abuse multiple times to a mandated reporter.
  • She also mentally abused and alienated their daughter, Hannah.
  • She’s narcissistic and selfish and always speaks for the children. 

Jon was able to get custody of Hannah and Colin.  Check out the video below . . .

Source:Daily Mail

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