Woman Complains Of Crazy Foot Pain

A woman from Scotland was out with friends and just couldn't figure out why her feet were hurting her. Ayleigh McGhee had spent the entire day complaining about her feet hurting and had no idea what could be causing the mysterious pain. Her friends ended up figuring it out the next day.

Well, her friend Georgia Henry had a few pictures that she was looking at from the day's events and noticed something very strange. Turns out that Ayleigh was wearing her high heels on the wrong feet. She also cropped a picture from the night the group went out, showing a close-up of the heels that were, indeed, on the wrong feet. 

Since sharing the picture on Twitter it has racked up over 30G likes and several comments from those laughing at Ayleigh’s mistake and sharing their own fashion mishaps.


Source: Instagram

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