School Places An Autistic Student’s Desk In Bathroom

While schools are supposed to be a welcoming place for all students, especially those with special needs, one school in Bellingham, Washington, is failing miserably in that department. 

Danielle Goodwin’s son Lucas has both an autoimmune disorder and autism, and is in need of a quiet environment for him to do his best. So how did his school, Whatcom Middle School, handle it? Well, according to a Facebook post by Danielle, they put his desk in the restroom.

Danielle posted a picture of her son’s desk sitting on top of a toilet, along with a mat on the floor for naps. The teacher insisted it was “fine,” noting, they “don’t use it as a bathroom,” but Danielle said her son “was humiliated, embarrassed, and disgusted at this inhumane suggestion that he work in a bathroom.” 

According to Danielle, when asked if there was another option for her son the teacher said “no.” A spokesperson for the school district did note that there are space limitations in the school, but after some severe criticism they are making things right. The spokesperson added, “We have taken immediate steps to remove the desk . . . and ensure that this space is not used as a learning space." 


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