Most Of Us Have A Favorite Room In Our Home, Some For A Surprising Reason

It’s probably not much of a surprise to find out that most people have a favorite room in their home, but why that room is their favorite may be a little shocking.

A new poll by Ally Home finds that 88% of Americans 18 and older say they have a favorite room in the house, but it’s not because it’s comfy or super functional. For 13% of Americans, their favorite room is their favorite because it’s the place where they can go to hide from their kids/spouse/partner. 

So, which room in the house is everyone’s favorite? Well, the master bedroom is tops with a lot of folks, with 74% of Baby Boomers, 77% of Gen Xers and 70% of Millennials picking it as their favorite. As for the main reasons the master bedroom is their favorite:

  • 74% say it's where they go to unwind and de-stress by themselves
  • 35% say it's where they can put all their favorite things
  • 32% say it's where they can enjoy their hobbies/passions

Another favorite room for folks is the family room, a top choice for 35 % of Baby Boomers, 32% of Gen X and 26% of Millennials. As for why it’s a favorite:

  • 53% say it's where they go to be entertained
  • 53% say it's where their family gathers for quality time together
  • 50% say it's where they go to unwind and de-stress by themselves

Source:Yahoo Finance

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