Woman Lives Life Like A 50s Housewife

While women have come a long way since the 50s when they were basically expected to stay home, take care of their husbands and raise their kids, one gal in Oregon has taken a step back and embraced the traditional female roles of the past. 

Katrina Holte left her job last September and decided to live her life like a “1950s housewife” spending her days taking care of her husband Lars and keeping up her house, which she has decorated with 1950s décor. She even dresses like she’s from the 1950s, making dresses from patterns of the era.

“I feel like I’m living how I always wanted to. It’s my dream life and my husband shares my vision,” the 30-year-old shares. “It is a lot of work. I do tons of dishes, laundry and ironing, but I love it and it’s helping to take care of my husband and that makes me really happy.”

  • And Katrina has definitely embraced the 50s completely. She starts her days early so she can set out her hubby’s clothes, and then make him breakfast and a packed lunch. She also claims to do “vintage exercises,” and then showers and puts on a “full face of vintage makeup,” and then dresses in clothes from the era. She then does chores around the house before making sure dinner is ready for her hubby when he gets home.
  • “I think a man needs his wife to make him feel spoilt every once in a while,” she says, noting she’s getting plenty from Lars in return. “He works very long hours and makes my dreams come true, so I try to make his come true, too. It’s an equal partnership. I’m outspoken and I’m definitely not a repressed woman."


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