A Country Is Trying To Prevent Speeding by Making Drivers Sit in Time Out

It would seem that if you treat adults like their toddlers, they might actually change their habits. That's what the country of Estonia in Eastern Europe has found after speeding tickets weren't cutting it. They just couldn't get people to slow down and driving deaths have increased over the years. So they're testing a new program that allows cops that pull speeders over to offer two options.  They can either take the ticket or sit in a Time Out.  That's correct, just like a toddler.  Now it also depends on how fast you're going because you'll either have to sit by the side of the road for 45 minutes or an hour and think about what you've done. The goal of the program is to really try to change drivers' behavior by making them waste just enough time sitting there that they don't want it to happen again. They're testing it on one main road in the country right now and there's no word on when they might take it nationwide.

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