High School Football Player Lifts Car Off A Man And Saves His Life

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. A man who lives in Butler, Ohio is pretty darn happy that his next door neighbor is a high school football player. Zac Clark is 16 years old and plays for the high school team and was doing some yard work for his mom when he heard people screaming from the neighbor's house. It turned out a guy who lives next door was working on his car when it fell and landed right on top of him.  The man was pinned underneath it. So Zac ran over, reached under the 3,000-pound car and simply lifted it just enough for someone to pull the guy out. His neighbor ended up with a few broken ribs, but he'll be okay. His doctors told him he wouldn't have made it much longer though. Zac says he's not sure where the burst of strength came from but that he was thinking of his dad, who recently passed away when he did it. He said he didn't want the guys' kids, to lose their dad so he dug deep and did everything he could to lift the car. Remember that next time you think something is too difficult to do. 

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