Would You Vacation At A “Haunted” Island Filled With Creepy Dolls?

If you're a fan of haunted dolls, there's a creepy vacation spot designed just for you. A company that specializes in group adventures for solo travelers is offering a nine-day package tour of Mexico this Halloween that includes a visit to an infamous location known as the Island of the Dolls. The spooky island is known to locals not just for being supposedly haunted, but for another, truly creepy, aspect: The area is reportedly covered in dolls hanging from the trees. Many of the dolls are allegedly missing various body parts (which isn’t all that unusual for toys that have been left out in the wild). The dolls also are known to move their heads and arms. There are even claims that they can be heard whispering to one another. The tour, which is set to take travelers through central Mexico, is stopping at other, non-doll-haunted locations as well. Travelers will be provided with what the company calls a “unique take” on ancient Mexican tradition, including the celebration of Dia de los Muertos. The trip runs from October 26 to November 3.

SOURCE: NYPost.com

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