Cracking A Smile Can Instantly Ease Stress

When you’re in a bad mood, the last thing you want to hear is “turn that frown upside down.” But it turns out, that cheerful advice may actually be helpful. In honor of World Smile Day (that was actually yesterday), let’s talk about those grins. A recent poll of 2,000 adults by Invisalign Australia finds that people break into a smile an average of 20 times a day and 80% of them admit it helps them break out of a funk.

Psychologist Dr. Jaimie Bloch says there’s a scientific reason for that. She explains, “When we smile, we actually trick our brain into releasing dopamine and serotonin - feel-good chemicals known as endorphins.” Dopamine can boost happiness levels and serotonin helps reduce stress, so by smiling you’re making yourself happier and getting into a better mood too.

So next time you’re feeling down and out, try one of these quick fixes to bring on the smiles:

  • Fake it till you make it- Fake a smile until your endorphins kick in.
  • Think happy thoughts- Focus on the positive things that make you smile.
  • Make someone else laugh- Laughter can be contagious and they say it’s the best medicine.
  • Smile at everyone you see today- Spread positivity and brighten everyone’s day.
  • Compliment someone- You’ll bring a smile to their face and that may make you feel like smiling too.
  • Give back- Donate your time or money to a cause you care about or help do a good deed for someone else for a big boost of positivity.

Source:Women's Health

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