DIY Halloween Costumes You Probably Already Have At Home

You still have a few weeks to figure out your Halloween costume, but the clock is ticking. If you’re on the fence about what to dress up as, why not turn to your closet to put together a last-minute outfit? These DIY costumes can be made with things you’ve probably already got in your wardrobe.

  • “Little Women”- The new movie version starring Emma Watsoni s coming out in December, so it’s a great time to make use of that prairie dress you bought. According to Lyst, this costume is trending, so grab your all-over floral dresses and basket bags and you’re all set.
  • Fleabag” - If you loved that black jumpsuit she wore in the first episode of season two of the Amazon Prime series, this is your chance to turn it into a costume.
  • “Us”- Want to go the scary route with your Halloween costume instead? It doesn’t get much more creepy than the Tethered from “Us.” All you really need are red coveralls, but if you want to add more, find some brown driving gloves, gold scissors, and a toy rabbit to complete the look.
  • “Gossip Girl”- This costume is so easy to put together, all you really need is a white button-down, a mini skirt, and a headband to dress like a Constance girl.


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