Parents Share Things No One Told Them Before Having Kids

Before you become a parent, you may have a vision in your head of what it’ll be like, but you can’t really know. You may picture your kids opening presents on Christmas morning or teaching them to ride a bike, but there are some things you don’t find out until you’re a mom or dad. Reddit user u/take7pieces asked the Reddit parenting community: “What are the things no one told you before having kids?” And moms and dads were happy to share. These are some of the best responses:

  • “The total lack of bathroom privacy.”
  • “The way kids can make you sing the same song eight times before bed.”
  • There is no “just run to the store quick.”
  • “Answering questions you thought you knew the answer to. What’s fire? Why do we have sky? Why are bricks harder than sticks? I didn’t realize how little I actually know about things until I had a kid old enough to ask me.”
  • “When YOU get sick, no one (cares) and you just have to keep going.”
  • “How you can spend a whole day begging for it to be time to put the kids to bed.... and then three minutes after they are asleep you want to sneak in for a snuggle because you miss them.”
  • “How being potty trained is so much more annoying than diapers.”
  • “The desire for them to hurry and grow up or get to a certain stage of life but also being sad that you will never see them as little as they are now.”
  • “How forgiving kids are. That you actually don’t need to get it perfect the first time or every time.”


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