Saving Instead Of Spending Money Is More Likely To Make You Happy

While there are plenty of people who will head to the nearest mall, or online store, when they feel down to engage in a little retail therapy, it turns out not spending that money may make them feel a whole lot better.

A new poll finds:

  • Two-thirds of Americans say saving money makes them happier than spending it.
  • Cutting discretional spending like shopping is the thing most people are willing to do in order to save $100 a month (43%).
  • Other ways to save money include adding another source of income (27%) and reducing saving priorities (17%).
  • 39% of consumers say they are prioritizing savings this year compared to 23% last year.

And it seems money in general is causing folks a lot of stress. According to the poll:

  • 45% of the population is constantly worrying about money.
  • More people lose sleep over money (32%), than relationships (20%), work (15%), and fear of missing out socially (4%).

Source:CIT Bank

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