Looking For The Perfect Man With “No Guy Has All Three” Meme

The “No guy has all three” meme is making its way around Twitter and it shows people are searching in vain for their perfect man. Users are listing their ideal trifecta and calling out guys everywhere for not having it. Some are serious, some are from song lyrics, and all of them point out where fellas are falling short, at least in the Twitterverse.

No Guy Has All Three...

  • “Bath mat, toilet mat, sink mat”
  • “Chicken flavor ramen, steak flavor ramen, anything resembling vegetables”
  • “Juju eyeballs, toe jam football, hair down to his knee”
  • “Wii Remote, Wii Nunchuck, Wii Motion Plus”
  • “Eternal life, mind reader, shimmering skin”
  • “Slick as Gaston, quick as Gaston, neck as incredibly thick as Gaston’s”
  • “No girlfriend, interest in me, is in my league”
  • “A top sheet, a comforter, more than two pillows”
  • “Nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills”
  • “A car his parents didn’t pay for, a clean pair of Vans, the balls to ask a girl out face to face”
  • “Wants you, needs you, ever gonna love you”
  • “8 pack abs, sports car, decision-making skills”


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