Man Tries To Hold Up A Hotel Clerk And Gets His Gun Taken Away

Police in Kentucky say that they have found the man that tried to rob a hotel but had his gun taken away during the attempt.  Police say that Corey Phillips was the man who attempted to rob the Country Inn and Suites on Monday. Surveillance video from the hotel shows a man wearing a shirt around his face and a University of Alabama sock hat enter the hotel with a gun and go behind the front desk. It also shows the clerk throwing money down on the counter and Corey putting his gun down while he used both hands to scoop up the money. That's when the clerk grabbed the gun and Corey took off running.  Now, Corey did come back into the hotel to try and retrieve his gun. The clerk pointed the gun at him again, and he ran away again. Police located him a short while after driving near the hotel. He was charged with robbery. 

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