A Serial Killer's House Is Up For Sale And Asking $459,000

If you're interested in owning a property that will forever be known as a place of death, have we got a home for you. 

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy murdered 33 people back in the late 1970s. The home in which police found 29 rotting bodies buried underneath, is up for sale. The original house was bulldozed about a year after Gacy was arrested but a new home was eventually built on the lot.

After the house was razed in 1979, the vacant lot would have thousands of fans, documentarians, and even ghost hunters visit. However, a Chicago woman ended up buying the land in 1986 for $30,544 and built the house for her retiring parents, who apparently knew what had happened there and didn't really care. 

Now the home is up for sale for $459,000. The seller does not have to disclose what had happened at the property but will have to be truthful if asked about it. 

Source: TMZ

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