Gretchen Wilson Kicked Out Of Hotel After Noise Complaint

Gretchen Wilson allegedly caused a disturbance in a New Mexico hotel, which resulted in her getting kicked out of the establishment. 

A worker at the Hotel Encanto in Las Cruces called 911 on Gretchen Sunday after she refused to quiet down following multiple noise complaints. "We went up there multiple times in the past half hour," a man is heard saying in audio of the call. "So, then I went up there and she said that she was a celebrity, but I forgot her name. Apparently, Gretchen something. She just played in the Country Music Festival."

Gretchen, who had played at the Las Cruces Country Music Festival, later took to social media calling for a boycott of the hotel. “You should all band together to put Hotel Encanto out of business,” she tweeted. “Had to wait 2 hrs for breakfast. Then they sent police to kick me out in the middle of the night for no reason. I complied. Home early.” She also added, “At 12:30pm I was only talking in my room. The hotel informed me that QUIET HOURS started at 10pm. Wrong hotel for 3rd shifters.” 



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