Tech Company Will Pay $130K For The Rights To Your Face

A tech firm is looking for the right person to lend their likeness to a new line of robot assistants for the elderly. And while it might sound like the plot to a bad SciFi movie, the company will pay the chosen candidate about $130,000 for the privilege. The privately funded firm has opted to remain anonymous due to the project’s “secretive nature,” but they have hired robotics recruiter Geomiq to find the right face for the job, reports the Mirror. Ideal applicants will possess a “kind and friendly face” for the prototype, per the head, er, face hunter’s recruitment ad. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the right person; let’s hope we can find them,” said a Geomiq spokesperson. The lucky winner of the face-off will have their likeness reproduced on thousands of “virtual friends” — à la Will Smith’s disturbing 2004 movie “I, Robot” — as well as rake in the aforementioned big bucks. The project has been five years in the making.


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