Runner With "Jesus Saves" On His Bib, Collapsed, Saved By A Guy Named Jesus

Somethings just can't be explained. Like when a 25-year-old dude named Tyler Moon signed up for a 10-mile race in Minneapolis a few weeks back and instead of putting his name on the race bib, he simply wrote, "Jesus Saves." Well as fate would have it, right around the eighth mile of the race, Tyler collapsed. It turned out he had an undiagnosed irregular heartbeat, which caused him to have a heart attack during the race. Tyler had no worries though since he was saved by a fellow runner. And that man's name: Jesus. That's right, a 43-year-old guy named Jesus Bueno was running behind him and also happens to be a registered nurse. So he stopped running, told someone to call 911, and started performing CPR on Tyler.  Jesus kept Tyler alive until the paramedics got there, and they used a defibrillator to get Tyler's heart back into its regular rhythm. Tyler survived and is grateful to be alive and is also very thankful that Jesus was there to save his life. 

Chris & Rosie

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