Twitter Is Trying To #RuinHalloweenIn4Words

Bring on the candy, Halloween is just a week away! As much as we love the treat-filled holiday, some things can really take the fun out of it and leave it as sad as an empty plastic jack-o’-lantern pail. What could do that? Twitter is here to tell you with a new hashtag that’s trending, #RuinHalloweenIn4Words.

According to Twitter, this is how you ruin Halloween in just four words:

  • “You’re too old now”
  • “Sexy Mr. Rogers costume”
  • “I'll eat your chocolates”
  • “Healthy snacks at door”
  • “Hotel toiletries for treats”
  • “Handing out ‘nature’s candy’”
  • “Gave onion caramel apples”
  • “Here's some Necco Wafers”
  • “Didn't watch Hocus Pocus”
  • “Carve a pineapple Jack-o’-Lantern”
  • “Nobody else wearing costumes”
  • “Give only black licorice”
  • “holiday decorating in October”
  • “Give the kids pennies”
  • “Sugarless Haribo Gummy Bears”
  • “Start Playing Christmas music”
  • “Great Pumpkin didn’t show”
  • “Mayonnaise packets for all”
  • “I’m giving out toothbrushes”


Chris & Rosie

Chris & Rosie

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