Man Didn’t Notice 2-inch Cupcake Topper Lodged In His Throat For A Week

This past May, a man got a two-inch plastic pastry topper lodged in his esophagus after eating a Mother’s Day cupcake apparently at breakneck speed. He didn’t even notice it until a week later when doctors pulled up a CT scan showing the plastic pastry topper clinging to the inside of his throat.

The 60-year-old unnamed man had initially gone to a Baltimore-area hospital emergency room, complaining of throat pain, but was sent home when X-rays failed to uncover anything. However, he decided to report to the ER at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine for a second look after experiencing a fever, sore throat, and the sensation of something stuck in his throat, according to a report published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine.

A CT scan revealed an object in his throat, but the doctors were unable to make out what it was. So they performed an upper endoscopy — a throat examination involving a thin, camera-fitted tube. The inspection discovered a “pink foreign body” covered in food particles, which had ripped his throat lining.

After repairing the tear, they removed the topper, which was inscribed with the words “Happy Mother’s Day.”


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