Ewan McGregor Shares His Own Ghost Story

Ewan McGregor’s latest movie is “The Shining” sequel, “Doctor Sleep” – and to get fans in the mood, just in time for Halloween . . . he's got a ghost story of his own to share. Ewan claims he had a run-in with a ghost that tried to light him on fire.

In a new interview, he recalls getting out of the shower one day to find that the “whole back” of his bathrobe was “singed.” Here’s the backstory: according to Ewan, there was a “mad man” that lived in the East London home before him that died in a fire. Ewan’s landlady apparently told him there was a ghost in the house, but that it “wouldn’t mean anyone harm.”

But Ewan wasn’t buying it, especially since when he joked about the robe-burning incident with some friends . . . his ceiling caved in. He adds, “I heard this scream and realized it was me!"

Source:Daily Mail

PHOTO: Getty Images

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