Bride Picks Cousin For Bridal Party For Horrible Reason

Most brides will choose their closest family and friends to be in their bridal party, but one bride had a more nefarious reason for picking a member of her squad and folks on the Internet aren’t having it. 

Here’s the story…

  • A woman on Reddit shares that her sister, who she says “is not a very nice person,” asked their cousin to be in her bridal party, even though they are not close.
  • Both the sister and mother of the bride thought it was odd that she would ask the cousin, and when they found out why they were shocked.
  • The cousin has scarring on her face from a childhood accident, and the bride actually had the nerve to admit she picked the cousin so she’d look better, sharing, “imagine how pretty we'll look in pictures with her!’”

While the cousin has gotten more comfortable with her scars, she’s still pretty self-conscious so the sister of the bride is wondering whether or not to warn the cousin about the bride’s intentions. While most people were appalled by the bride, they did admit that the sister needed to act very carefully. 

  • “Maybe you can tell the cousin your sister doesn’t have her best interests at heart and suggest she refuse,” one commenter suggested, while another added, “Mention how much of a bridezilla she will be. You don’t have to outright say what she said unless pressed.”
  • But others think the sister should flat out warn the cousin. “You have every right to protect your cousin from your sister’s meanness,” they share. “Your cousin does not need to bear the brunt of your sister and the bridal party’s nastiness. However, if you do tell please be gentle and maybe take her out to make her feel better.” 

Source:Fox News

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