Double Decker Bus Sized “Fatberg” Is Removed From London Sewers

What happens when stuff shouldn’t get poured down the sink or flushed down a toilet? You get a massive fatberg.

The sewers of London are finally cleared of a fatberg weighing more than 80,000 pounds. The Thames Water utility engineers have finished clearing the double-decker-bus-sized blockage, with the effort mostly done by hand. That’s not a fun job!

After its discovery in a Greenwich sewer earlier this year, the engineers have taken about three weeks to dispose of the mass. The fatberg consisted of things like cooking oils and wipes, most of which were probably dumped down sinks and flushed down toilets.

The head of the utility minced no words about the blockage, saying “This was a massive and disgusting blockage that took a great deal of effort and teamwork to clear and get the sewer working well again.”

Source:Fox News

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