Michael Jackson Is Still The Top Earning Dead Celebrity

Although he may have taken a hit thanks to HBO’s documentary “Leaving Neverland,” Michael Jackson is still bringing in the dough in death.

The late King of Pop tops Forbes’ list of the Top Earning Dead Celebrities Of 2019, bringing in $60 million, thanks to his catalog, as well as a Las Vegas show and more. This is the seventh consecutive year Michael Jackson has topped the list.

Coming in just behind Jackson is Elvis Presley, with earnings of $39 million, followed by cartoonist Charles Schulz, who brings in $38 million in death.

Forbes’ Top Earning Dead Celebrities Of 2019

  1. Michael Jackson ($60 mil)
  2. Elvis Presley ($39 mil)
  3. Charles Schulz ($38 mil)
  4. Arnold Palmer ($30 mil)
  5. Bob Marley ($20 mil)
  6. Dr. Seuss ($19 mil)
  7. John Lennon ($14 mil)
  8. Marilyn Monroe ($13 mil)
  9. Prince ($12 mil)
  10. Nipsey Hussle ($11 mil)
  11. XXXTentacion ($10 mil)
  12. Whitney Houston ($9.5 mil)
  13. George Harrison ($9 mil)


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