Tiger With Cracked Tooth Gets Gold One Instead

A rescue tiger living at a shelter in Germany has been fitted with a golden fang after breaking hers while chewing on toys.

Last month, Cara, a six-year-old, 125lb Bengal tiger, was fitted with a gold crown. Cara was rescued from private ownership at a farmhouse in Mugnano, Italy in 2013 and transferred to the Tierart tiger station in Massweiler, Germany in 2015.  A team of international tiger experts was recently called in to prepare her front tooth for a hard-wearing gold crown after dentists found two deep grooves, and vets feared the tooth could break at any time.

However, Cara underwent two complicated operations to save her bite and prevent further suffering while trying to eat. She's said to be loving her new gold tooth and is doing well. 


Source: DailyMail

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