Binge Watching To Blame For Americans Losing Sleep

While Americans know that sleep is important, with most saying it’s their second-most important priority over family, too many folks are not getting the sleep they need and their TV watching habits are partly to blame.

A new survey finds:

  • 88% of adults say they lost sleep because they stayed up to watch multiple episodes of a program, either on TV or on a streaming service.
  • It’s particularly bad in the case of 18 to 44-year-olds, where 95% have lost sleep for this reason. 

But it’s not just binge-watching that’s keeping folks from getting a good night’s sleep.

  • 72% of 18 to 34-year-olds are staying up to play video games, with men more likely to do so than women (59% vs. 42%).
  • Reading is also keeping people up, with two-thirds of adults losing sleep due to reading, although women are more likely to do so than men (71% vs. 61%).
  • 60% of adults have lost sleep because they were watching sports, although men are more likely to do so than women (75% vs. 45%).

And while you may not think it’s that big of a deal to lose a few hours watching your favorite show, or reading your favorite book, that loss of sleep can certainly put you in a bad mood.

  • 25% of people say missing their bedtime left them frustrated.
  • For those in Gen Z, 32% felt frustrated, while 23% were left feeling worried, and 19% felt guilty. 

Source:Yahoo Finance

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