HBO Gave Away Gigantic Cardboard Boxes To College Students For Streaming

HBO understands how frustrating it can be to have roommates and wanted to help those in college who don't have any personal space. So they held a contest in which they were willing to send students giant cardboard boxes that they could use to stream HBO in peace.

If you're a college student with roommates, you know the feeling of never being able to binge-watch anything in peace.  It seems that many people thought it was a joke but in fact, it was a real contest and it ended yesterday. 

The "HBO Box" is black, and it has holes so that you can breathe, plus a shelf that apparently holds your streaming device.  They've partnered with a company called Fooji to do it. The contest ended yesterday and there are college kids around the country who will soon be getting delivered a giant cardboard box for their HBO viewing pleasure. 

Source: Twitter

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