Man Proposes With Chest Tattoo

This is certainly the most unique way of asking for someone's hand in marriage. One man in the U.K. recently popped the question to his girlfriend in the most permanent of ways. He had “Will you marry me?” tattooed on his chest. He also included two boxes to mark either “yes” or “no” – over his heart. The good news is his girlfriend said yes. The bad news is, every time he takes his shirt off, he'll be asking her again. His girlfriend went with him to the tattoo parlor but had no idea what was going on. Tattoo artist Juris Jurison completed the body art by putting a checkmark in the yes box. He also said that marriage-proposal tattoos have not been “a common occurrence” in the two years he’s worked at the parlor. Talk about original. 

You can see pictures of the original tattoo -- click HERE

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