Unusual Or Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Food

What type of unusual or non-traditional food do you serve at your Thanksgiving dinner?

Some folks have shared what they have for their meal each year:

  • “Eggplant (but I thought that was normal until right now). ” – Ian
  • “We have spaghetti, cavatelli, ravioli, lasagna, as well as, sausage, pepperoni, and meatballs at EVERY holiday. The turkey and sides are secondary to all the pasta!” – Kerri
  • “My aunt always made an oyster dressing that was amazing and I’ve never had it or seen anywhere else.” – Elaine
  • “We serve grapefruit wedges because my mother in law's mom always served them at Thanksgiving. It's the first course. It's yummy.” – Madeline
  • “We didn’t serve anything strange, but always ate on Mom’s depression glass dishes that she collected from laundry soap boxes! I still have the full set and it’s still beautiful.” - Debby
  • “Tamales...cuz...well, they're friggin delish n I'm from south Texas!” – Melanie
  • “It could not be Thanksgiving at my house without the "deviled eggs"....then again, I am banned to the man cave to leave them alone!” – Tom S.
  • “We serve normal food. I do all of the cooking and baking, but I've learned short cuts. Turkey gets slow cooked, veggies get steamed, baked goods made the night before. All I do the day of is make the potatoes and candied yams.” – Kristina
  • “This year I’m making a vegetarian turkey for my now veggie daughter!!” – Donna
  • “My friend makes his family beef stroganoff because his ex-wife makes turkey and his bratty kids don't want the same meal twice.” – Trisha
  • “Ham/Turkey cooked in trash cans. It's the way us southern rednecks do it. Oh, and in the woods at hunting camp.” - Bev
  • “Asparagus casserole cream of mushroom soup and pearl onions. Then it's topped with American cheese and bread crumbs” – Debra 
  • “We go out to a restaurant.” – Tracy
  • “Vegan Turkey.” – Sunil
  • “Some type of Spanish or Panamanian dish because my mom isn’t American.” – Abigail
  • “White Sliced turkey wings. We buy them frozen and the butcher slices them while they're frozen.” – Crystal

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