Will Smith Posts Homemade “Matrix” Parody With His Son

Will Smith is giving us a look at what it would've been like if he starred in “The Matrix.” Will famously passed on the starring role that ultimately went to Keanu Reeves, but it turns out the movie has a special role in his life regardless.

Taking to Instagram to celebrate his son Trey’s 27th birthday, Will has revealed that they used to film homemade parodies of “The Matrix” called “The Treytrix” every year for Trey’s birthday. Will would play the bad guy and Trey would “defend the family.” He’s posted a clip of one of the early 2000s home videos on Instagram…and it’s actually pretty good.

In the clip, Will and his son, who was much younger at the time, go all out against each other. They throw some punches, do some impossible jumps, and Trey even shoots electricity out of his hands. Will’s calling for a follow-up, saying he thinks he has a chance at defeating Trey now.

  • Check out “The Treytrix” below . . .

Source:Will Smith

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