Bakery Says New Donuts Are Healthier Because They Have A Hole In The Middle

There are a lot of bakeries in the world that claim to have some original recipes for our favorite foods. But there are some very basic things that this bakery doesn't seem to understand. One of them is the concepts of "health" and "donuts." Greggs Bakery in the U.K. just announced they've made new, healthier donuts. And why are they healthier? Because they have a hole in the middle. Keep in mind that they weren't trying to be funny. They normally sell jelly donuts without holes, so they're saying that donuts with holes are a lower-calorie and therefore healthier option. They said, "The ring donuts are between 200 and 300 calories, the ball donuts are between 300 and 400." They do have a point. 

Chris & Rosie

Chris & Rosie

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