Store Limits Santa Visits To Those That Spend At Least $2500

A high-end department store is coming under fire for not so Christmas cheer.  London's most famous luxury department store, Harrods, came under scrutiny this week after reports surfaced that it is reserving visits to its famous Christmas grotto to Green Tier 2 rewards holders or customers who have spent over $2,500 in Harrods over the course of the year.

Not everyone is thrilled with that new rule. Angry customers are saying that Harrods is missing the point of Christmas. 

The tradition dates back for over 60 years. Children could have their photos taken with Santa anytime they reserved a slot. In fact, up until last year, anyone was able to reserve a slot with Santa, but Harrods changed its policy in 2018 to cope with the overwhelming demand.

The store did hand out some free tickets to families who couldn't qualify but that remains a very small percentage of the people who are now eligible to reserve their spot. 

Source: The Guardian 

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