After Losing Memory, Alex Learns His Twin Hid a Terrible Family Secret

The story of how a man in England tried to give his twin brother a "do-over" after he lost his memory is hard to believe--but now you can see it for yourself in a brand-new Netflix documentary. Alex Lewis lost his memory at the age of 18 after a 1982 motorcycle accident and looked to his brother Marcus to tell him about their life together. Instead, Marcus chose to hide the years of abuse they'd endured as children, never telling him the truth until many years later, when Alex found a disturbing picture of them as children with their heads cut out of the photo. The two wrote a book together about their difficult experiences in 2013, which now serves as the basis of the new Netflix documentary.  Today, the 55-year-old Alex says about his twin, "We’re closer than I can ever remember.” Marcus adds, “it took us a long time to get to this place, but now we’ve been able to move on and put the past behind us.”  Tell Me Who I Am can be watched now.


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