Cook Sets Off Fire Sprinklers And Causes $300,000 In Damages

I've heard of blowing up bathrooms before but it appears that an employee of The Exchange restaurant housed in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania Marriott Hotel is accused of tripping the hotel’s sprinkler system when he used a single-occupancy bathroom. Whatever he did in that bathroom caused a major catastrophe in the restaurant and hotel after the fire alarm and sprinkler system was tripped. Philip Key was caught on camera entering and exiting the bathroom in question at the time the sprinklers were activated and surveillance video revealed that he was soaked when he exited the bathroom. Marriott Hotel employees said the sprinklers caused up to $300,000 in damages. Police think that Philip, who is a line cook at the restaurant, used a lighter and napkin to trip the system. He was charged with arson, causing catastrophe and criminal mischief by fire. He was taken into custody and transported to Lancaster County Prison. His bail was set at $100,000.


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